Asking a girl out it never easy, especially if you are not the most outgoing guy in the history of the universe. But the truth is there are tons of girls out there just waiting to be asked out by a guy which will treat them right, if only he would ask her. That leaves a good opportunity for you to come in and sweep her off her feet! All it takes is a little strategy, some confidence, and some practice, and you’ll be able to ask out any girl you need sooner than you think.

Be confident

This is more the key than another advice you can read. Try to calm yourself when you approach her. Remember that she’s a girl just like other girl, and you’ll survive asking her out even is she turns you down. The best part is, not only will confidence have you feeling better as you ask her out, but it will increase the possibility of her saying yes. Confidence is a very attractive quality to most girls.

Strike up a conversation

An easy ‘hi’ is all that’s necessary to start the conversation. The important thing is to be the best listener and to keep things low pressure. You want her to feel relaxed and safe around you. Making her laugh helps very much, and forging some kind of a connection is your main goal. Be sure to take note of how long she is thinking about you, and see she is touching you more than she would a friend. These are the telltale signs that she may like you.

Just pull the trigger

Once you’ve developed a little rapport, just go ahead and ask her. Delaying it won’t aid you at all! Don’t give a big lead in with too many qualifiers like ‘I was wondering, if you wouldn’t mind, and you’re not too busy, as these make you sound unsure of yourself and add unnecessary tension to the talking. Simply say, Would you like to get coffee this weekend?’ or a similar low-key activity. This makes it simple for her to say yes or no without feeling pressured.

Lastly, if you get rejected, take it in stride. Don’t get upset or think that a failure. Keep in mind that she could have several different reasons to say no which have nothing to do with you. Also keep in mind that the old saying is true: There are really other fish in the sea. About 3 billion with them.

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