How Water Dreams Are Associated With Our Sentiments

Most of the times, the dreams that we come across are too strange. The strange part is that they have a compelling force about them, which makes us wonder if that they can become a reality. Some dreams are pleasant when others are not really attractive. Dreaming is not something intentional, it occurs too naturally. For example, you may have a dream in which you are on fishing and camping excursion in a luxurious floatplane charter or floatplane to Tofino. But, every dreams about water are not so good. There are some people who see the disastrous floods in the city or the distruction done by hurricanes or river flood. Water in dreams often signifies some meaning. It’s a sense that only you can make out at the end of the day. However, there has been a long history of water symbolism that can help you derive the meaning of your dream somehow.

Earlier on, objects related with water or fluids were recognized as things associated to our domain. The Greeks used to refer every watery stuff as the Realm of Poseidon, Lord of oceans etc. The logic behind this perception was that the earth stays over water. And of course land is our domain.

Thus, psychologically speaking, we are the living beings who rest upon our own emotional world. Our ability to reason would be in peril when we fear or are in anger. For example, when you are imagining of a coming ocean wave, then this means that you have restlessness about the feelings growing up inside you. likewise, drowning implies that you have a fear that is too empowering, and it appears as if you don’t have any authority in your real world.

As for floods, they are thought to give rise to something new for you. In earlier times, some mythic kingdoms were thought to have drowned by their Gods to create something different. If you are having too many floods in your dreams, then it’s an indication that you are going through a turn in your life. For the person who sees such dreams, the destruction in itself is not as horrifying as the fear can be which tells why we go through a sensation of awe and wonder before any natural calamity.

Those who dream about a watery doom can handle this dream problem if they know how to endure the complete impact and force of their emotions. This will make you more aware of your fright, and you can learn to swim through the problem you fear the most. Once we become completely aware of the water, we can learn to breathe water in our dreams. It will happen to you after the adjustment with the new style of living. You might, still, want to recall that the Poseidon Watery Realm is too huge as it holds a whole universe of meaning. No doubt your dreams can be about anything but they nevertheless have a limit. So the meaning of these water dreams depends on your discovering of its several routes. The importance of a threatening water dream differs from person to person, and only you are the person who can understand the meaning of your dream.

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