How Today’s Systems Allow Individuals To Learn More

Last century saw more inventions than the whole recorded history of mankind.

We tend to believe that computer tech world is the one that’s seeing the most progress. Nothing can be further from the truth! Health and medicinal world is the one with the most new discoveries. And it’s not really surprising if you read the medical journals.

Every month there is a big new announcement being made by the medical community. This is not to say that IT is lagging far behind either. Information technology has seen its fair share of growth also. Unfortunately some of it is quite controversial. Let’s take reverse phone book lookup as an example. Before if you wanted to get a name of a person you would need to manually look for the phone number in a telephone book. Can you imagine sifting through all of these phone numbers? I sure can’t.

Today you can run reverse phone lookups directly from the comfort of your own home. Simply visit a web-site like : enter the phone number and voila. Information like the first and last name of the user and address is readily available. In the case of cell phone lookup you might get even more information. For example if the carrier supports this feature you might be able to get the actual location of an individual to whom the number belongs!

Potential benefits of a reverse number lookup are innumerable. Prank calls and harassment calls can now be traced and reported to authorities. Running a toll free number check can tell you the name of the company that was calling. Or maybe you just want to send your favourite uncle a Christmas present, but only have his phone number, well now you can quickly get the address that goes with it too.

Unfortunately the bad guys can take advantage of the situation as well. A sexual predator might use this to find the address of his victim.

There are many instances where this can do a substantial amount of harm. I sincerely hope that the bad guys won’t spoil it for the rest of us. Just because they decide to cross the line it doesn’t mean that others will follow their example. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s of the same opinion.

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