How To Write A Storybook Your Adopted Child Will Wear Out

As the parent of an adopted child, it can be overwhelming to consider how we must sit down and write out his life experiences so that he always has the information. Instead of trying to journal every moment, however, consider taking yourself somewhat out of the equation and rather, writing it as a short story style of book that your child may typically pick up at the library. One of the most popular scrapbooks in our store says “Once Upon a Time…” This is a good place to start and not too simple for any child. The child may be able to understand his story in more depth than you realize, by using a story format rather than baby book experience.

Consider writing your child’s story in a way that reflects the reality of his specific adoption story, but may or may not be exactly as it happened. For example, if your child’s birth mother was dealing with a drug addiction, this is obviously not something that you’re going to put into your child’s special book. If your child was adopted from St. Louis, however, rather than from China, it will be refreshing for your child to be able to be the star in story about a little boy just like him who was adopted from the same place he was, instead of from a foreign country, as are represented in many childrens books.

You made me remember when you were a child, how in our mother’s magazines near the back page, a book could be ordered that told our personal story as a child. For a certain amount of money, our mother could send in a list of our favorite flavor of ice cream, the town in which we live in, and the name of our best friend. A few weeks later a storybook would arrive in the mail that made us feel like we were reading our story, because the child in the storybook had same favorite flavor of ice cream, lived in the same town, and had a best friend by the same name.

Today, it is quite easy to order a small book with print on demand services where you can share your own child’s adoption story in a storybook format, and have it printed and perfect bound for usually under less than $20 in expense.

There will obviously be a need for you to have a place to include photographs and keepsakes, which is where adoption scrapbook can be a additional special book for your child to turn to.

By providing him with a story about himself in a small, bound book, that describes everything from his backyard to how his mommy and daddy met him at the airport and hugged him so tightly, you will continue to give him the cast of security in a nonthreatening way.

It also gives you the chance to put aside some of your guilty feelings about not being able to keep up in your journaling and scrap booking for your child’s life, while still providing a unique and special gift.

In the end, it will likely be the short little story book that you ordered that simplifies his adoption journey, and have specific set about things he loves, that he will pull off the bookshelf to share with his friends.

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