You’ve recently split up with your ex, or they split up with you. But you are dying to know how to win your ex back. There are some very simple steps that you can take that will have you back together again. Just be sure that it’s really want you want.

You shouldn’t need to beg to get them back. Because when you first got with them, you surely didn’t beg at that time, so why should you now? With begging it will put them on the defensive, and possibly push them further away than you want them to be.

Instead you will need to apologize for whatever you’ve done to cause the problems. Even think of writing a letter that is completely your own and heartfelt. In that letter you are going to want to say that they are right about the split and that it is the best thing. And that you feel that remaining friends would be good, but both of you need to move on.

This will allow you to get closer to them, without them feeling that you are trying to win them back. Possibly even making them want to be back with you more. See they will enjoy the fact that you still can be friends. As long as the breakup wasn’t extremely messy.

By admitting that they were the right party in the break up the defenses will again be low. That will allow you to move in and be just a friend. But as being a friend you may bring up the old times and make them realize that you are the one person for them.

You may have to work past the fact of saying that you think you should both move on. Because if the breakup was due to them cheating, they may have already moved on. But in most cases this approach will work great, and before you know it, you will be back in the arms of that ex once again.

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