How To Watch A Kiss At Midnight If You Missed It

A Kiss at Midnight is the same story that has been told since the starting of the age. It is that true love will always stand no matter however big the adversaries are. If you have gotten hold of this concept then the rest of the story is predictable. It just narrates us about two foes that are essentially soul mates and when they meet, love starts blossoming. But an incident tears them apart, and then a considerable effort from the friends of both the parties finally brings them together.

This movie has been directed by Bedford May. As said earlier that the general theme is like all the pictures in this genre but it is not that the plot is bland. It springs its own surprises at the right moments and that’s what makes this movie interesting. Also to note that it boasts of some fine acting by all the leading actors which improves the experience and the fun gets doubled.

The leading characters of the movie are Susan Flowers and Josh Sherman. While Susan runs a dating agency. But the greatest irony of her life is that she herself is single and is out looking for a guy.

While the other agency is known as and is owned by a widower named Josh. He has recently shifted to the city has two daughters. Both of these girls are sad because they are alone as their mother has died. In pursuit of a step mom they put Josh’s profile in his computer. While Susan puts her profile in Josh’s agency to check its authenticity.

Also thrown in the mix are Sherman’s daughters who are looking for a mom, hence they create his profile and put that on the computer. As luck would have it, those two are found be perfect couple. They meet and loves seems to be blossoming but story cannot be that simple now can it? All mayhem breaks loose when they both get to know about each other’s profession, thinking the other is out to destroy other’s business they are now sworn enemies. The end as you might have guessed is predictable. It is a family movie after all!

One department where the movie scores is the acting, both the actors are in their elements and their chemistry seems perfect together. It goes without saying that the only reason this movie is able to overcome mediocre script is because the actors have pulled it off very well.

The movie on the whole is a very enjoyable and it has the capacity to light anybody’s Sunday noon. I would recommend this movie whole heartedly to everybody.

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