How to Use Cheap Gift Cards to Stay Out Of Debt

Cheap gift cards are perfect for gift givers who are trying to stick to a don’t-take-on-any-more-debt budget. Why? Because there are no hidden or extra fees, you know exactly where your money is going and how much you’re spending at all times.
Following are some creative ways to use cheap gift cards to get – and stay – out of debt.
How to Use Cheap Gift Cards for Entertainment
Because there’s a gift card for almost everything, you can use them for eating out, going to the movies or having lattes with your best friend. All you have to do is log on to the internet, find a reputable gift card seller and pay for the card of your choice.
For example, let’s say you have a once-a-month book club meeting with your girlfriends and are responsible for the lattes. To stay within budget, put that “entertainment cost” on a gift card. That way, you won’t have to worry about overspending because the gift card holds your “entertainment allowance.” Once the amount on the card is gone, you can’t spend any more.
How to Use Cheap Gift Cards for Travel
Gas is a necessary expense for every driver. And, those unscheduled $10, $15 or $20 stops by the gas station add up. It’s these types of unaccounted for expenses can blow any budget.
But, cheap gift cards can help you control your travel expenses. How? For example, let’s say you usually spend between $40-$75 week on gas. But, you know you can get by on $60 per week, if you watched your mileage.
To keep from going over budget, simply purchase gas gift cards. This way, you won’t have to worry about using your gas money for anything else. And, it’ll keep you from going over budget because once the money you have on the gas gift card is gone for the week, then that’s it.
How Cheap Gift Cards Save You Money
What many consumers forget about gift cards is that they are just like cash. Instead of whipping out cash to pay, you simply swipe your gift card.
And, when you buy cheap gift cards from reputable discount gift card sellers, it’s like paying less for your purchase. This makes it really easy to stay within your budget.

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