How To Uncover Your Personal Values

Honoring my values has always been an important key to the path I have chosen to walk through life. If what I am about to do is not in sync with my value system, I can’t seem to move forward.

Your values say a lot about who you are. Personally, there are some things in life which are dear to me. I find that if I am not engaging those things, my life is out of sync. For example, you can find me at my church on Sunday mornings. I value the time spent there. Similarly, I value those times spent in conversation with my family. My friends and I get together regularly to talk, laugh, cry and to simply enjoy each others’ company. I routinely let my business clients know how important they are to me.

No doubt, you can see just how important some things are to me. My values are inherent in those things which I have indicated as well as so many other elements of my life.

One way to truly know yourself is to get in touch with your own set of values. It’s easy to get distracted by others’ ideals and make them your own because of outside influences. However, it’s essential that you uncover your own set of principles and ethics so you can be grounded in your own beliefs.

My values are the guidelines for my life. They help define who I really am. They are essential to uncovering my personal brilliance and feeling confident about myself. What about you? Have you thought about your values lately?

At this point, I hope you agree that your values are most important to you at your very core. It is an unshakable belief in what you stand for. You can live a happier life doing what is important to you when you know and live your values.

There are some values that many people feel are important. Some are listed here. Take a look, you might find that some of them are also significant to you as you seek to uncover your own personal values.

1. Adventure. If things seem to get too stale, do you eventually feel bored? If so, you have adventure close to your heart and you’d be happiest with trying new experiences and new ways of doing everyday things.

2. Relationships. Valuing relationships includes finding all relationships important, in addition to your romantic ones.

3. Spirituality. If you align with a certain religion or spiritual practice, then the beliefs of that practice are likely dear to your heart.

4. Creativity. Do you enjoy discovering and creating new things? If yes, perhaps it is one of your values.

5. Making a mark on the world. Many people say they simply want to be remembered warmly by others. Is that a core value for you? If so, how are you living that value?

All you really need to do in order to uncover your values is to find out what makes you truly happy. Then ask yourself why those things bring you joy and are you living them.

If you feel like your life has taken a wrong turn, maybe you are not living your values or perhaps some of your current values are incongruent with what you truly want for yourself. Perhaps it’s time to think about taking a new path based on your core values or examining how your current ones are serving you or not. Uncovering your values can lead you to happiness!

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