How To Touch Up Cigars That Burn Unevenly

Enjoying a refined, relaxing smoke is one of the great joys in life. Nothing quite compares to the beauty and delight offered by a high quality cigar. However, while the simple pleasure of enjoying hand-blended tobacco can’t be beat by much, there are things that can occur to mar your enjoyment. One of these is if your cigar starts to burn unevenly. How do you correct an uneven burn? What should you know in order to salvage your smoke and your enjoyment?

Choosing the right option from the numerous lighters with cigar cutter implements on the market is a great place to start. These combination devices help you add convenience and quality to your smoking experience. You will also need to determine just how worried you are about unevenness. For instance, some smokers will let the uneven burn continue for of a quarter of an inch, while others will let it be for half of an inch.

Different smokers have different levels of tolerance for uneven burns. However, all cigar smokers agree that you’ll need to take certain steps once you see that your smoke is going a bit off center. What should you do?

First, you will need to see if the cigar will self-correct. Most high quality cigars will, but only within a certain tolerance. Generally speaking, if the unevenness continues up to the half-inch point, you need to take matters into your own hands. You’ll find that there are numerous ways that you can accomplish this correction, though the simplest, most popular method is to break out that torch lighter and reheat the slow or non-burning portion of the cigar. As a note, if only a very small layer of tobacco or just the wrapper is not burning, your cigar will likely correct itself without the need for your assistance.

However, if you find that a considerable portion of tobacco is not burning, you can make an adjustment rather easily. First, you will need to get your torch lighter out. Hold the lighter directly in front of the tobacco that’s not burning, but do not touch the flame to the cigar. Place the lighter close enough that the tobacco begins to heat up. When the tobacco is hot enough, draw on the cigar and see if the non-burning portion catches. If it does not, you’ll need to let the lighter heat the tobacco for a longer duration before drawing on the cigar again.

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