Having to deal with excessive armpit sweating, day to day is certainly a burden. Experiencing this condition has plenty of emotional issues on numerous individuals.

Many people suffer alone in silence with this condition We are going to look at how excessive armpit sweating affects our emotions & how to deal with it. We will also look at the treatment accessible to us.

Waking up everyday trying just to cope, is difficult for a person dealing with excessive underarm sweating. Everyday is a hurdle, & you put on this front & just act like everything is OK.

But deep down you just wanna scream! You wish you could just dig a hole & crawl in it. The embarrassment and humiliation of your underarm perspiration.

This all has negative effects on your emotions and confidence as well. You become too self conscious & your own self esteem just seems to go out the window. The constant changing of your wet tops, drenched with your excessive armpit sweat.

This is more than enough to make anybody loose their mind. But don’t worry there solutions out there which work. The first step in combating excessive armpit sweating, is to know exactly what we are dealing with.

Excessive underarm perspiration is created by a condition referred to as hyperhidrosis. This is some sort of imbalance of the body’s sweat mechanism,which in turn causes excessive sweating in the different parts of the body.

Excessive sweating can occur in the hands, feet, head, armpits. But when this kind of excessive sweating is concentrated on the armpits, it is called axillary hyperhidrosis. There are many techniques to deal with this excessive sweating specifically targeted to underarm sweating. Let us examine some of those treatment options available.

Most antiperspirants contain aluminum salts, such as aluminum chloride hexahydrate. There are variations of antiperspirants. Some are over the counter products while others, require a medical prescription. Both may be efficient in the treatment of a lot of sweating.

Their aluminum salt content is the biggest difference. Anything with a salt content below 19% can be purchased over the counter. Antiperspirants with 19% to 25% of aluminum salts are considered a drug and require a medical prescription.

You put the topical solution under your underarms at night and then you should wash it off in the morning time. This treatment effectively blocks your sweat glands, preventing them from working.

If used for a longer period of time, a little irritation can take place. For the long term, the effectiveness of antiperspirants diminishes.

One other treatment option frequently utilized for extreme underarm sweating is Botox. Botox is a neurotoxic protein that is injected in several places around the armpit.

During any given treatment, the doctor will inject Botox all over the affected area around the armpit. Just one treatment typically involves at least twenty injections.

This treatment method is only brief, since Botox wears off after about seven months. Then you will be required to go back for a top up.

There are many other natural techniques to put an end to extreme underarm sweating. Which we cant mention all in this one article. But in my opinion, natural methods which tackle the core of the excessive sweating, are usually more effective.

Than going for an instant quick fix, which only works temporarily. Also the main thing to remember is, you have now lots of options to tackle your excessive armpit sweating. Don’t loose hope, other people have truly been able to fight their extreme underarm perspiration.

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