How To Stick To The HCG Diet Plan In Difficult Situations

The HCG hormone diet is proving incredibly effective for many people especially those who have been struggling with weight management for years. Dieters are losing weight quickly with the combination of HCG injections or drops and a very low calorie diet.

It is very important for dieters to keep their daily calorie intakes below 500 per day in order to succeed in the HCG weight loss. The HCG diet is also very strict on which types of food that are allowed by the protocol. These can be difficult for some dieters at times.

In order to handle difficult situations on the HCG diet, you can use the following helpful tips.

The workday environment can be difficult for some dieters, where they find their colleagues eat the fatty or sugary foods in the cafeteria. Dieters will feel more tempted to break the diet and cheat on the non-approved food items.

It is important to remain committed to the 500-calories-per-day diet here. Drinking plenty of water or teas throughout the day so you will feel less hungry and deprived.

Besides the workday environment, family gathering or celebration occasions could be tough for some dieters, especially when they watch their friends munch away the non-approved food items on the table. A strong will power is needed for the dieter to stick to the HCG diet protocol instead of cheat.

It is recommended to bring your own HCG-friendly dishes to the family gathering so you have something to eat without breaking your very low calories dieting rules. Or you can eat before heading to the gathering, so you will feel less hungry when celebrating with friends and family.

Or you should avoid going to family gatherings or celebrations until your HCG diet is over. This way you will be able to remain true to your HCG weight loss efforts and goal.

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