How To Shop In A Carpet Store

A Carpet Store has vinyl tiles and sheeting, as well as plush, beautiful carpet and deep foam padding. Your carpet sales person can help you to decide what to cover the floors of your various types of rooms with.

Measurements are the key. When the salesperson asks how large of an area you are looking to cover, and he will, you need to know the dimensions of the room for which you are shopping. At the very least, the length and width is needed for him to make a rough decision about how much carpeting or flooring you will need.

You may want to draw a map of your living room floor plan to let your sales person know where you want the carpet to end. Or there may be a wood burning stove in the living room with a brick hearth around it in a circular shape. It is better if the sales person knows this ahead of time to help you determine how much carpet will be needed for the room.

The twists and turns in your kitchen will probably be more pronounced, than in the living room, and a map is always good to show the sales people exactly what you mean. They may suggest vinyl tiles, as opposed to sheeting, as tiles are easier to work with and can be cut just as easily as the vinyl sheets. Perhaps interlocking sections of wood veneer would go great in your den. The sales people will have solutions and suggestions for you. And if you bring them a picture of your room, or map of the floor plan, it will benefit both parties.

If the molding in your room is going to stay put, you may need to let the carpet sales person know about this. If you are going to replace the molding with something thinner or thicker, you might want to mention this, as well. In fact, you might choose the molding before you choose the carpeting, or at the same time, so that you will know if they are compatible. Maybe you could bring in samples from your home improvement store to show to the carpet sales person.

If your carpet store also sells wallpaper, you are in luck. You can choose both at the same time, and it will make your project of renovating your rooms that much easier, by matching them up together.

Do check out remnants in your carpet store. You may be astonished to find that certain remnants are the size of your rooms, and at a deeply discounted price. Shop around and if you are going to buy a remnant, be sure to find out if it has stains or spots or cuts in it. They are usually not perfect, but for the price, you may find you can live with it.

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