Selling your home privately is easy but it is important to remember not to scrimp on advertising, the more people know your house is on the market the more potential viewings and buyers you will receive.

As a rule 1% of the property value should be used for advertising. Using an effective advertising campaign is important as you are saving on agents commission.

Both real estate agents and private home owners use the following methods to advertise their properties. For Sale signs – one of the oldest yet most effective ways to advertise your property is for sale. Ensure the sign is prominent as many buyers will visit areas they are interested in prior to making any viewings. One third of all sales are generated by for sale signs.

The second most important method is internet marketing. Plenty of exposure is gained by advertising on the internet. Buyers can simply browse sites from the comfort of their own home so be sure to advertise your property with as much information as possible and plenty of photographs.

Clever search bars enable buyers to customize their searches thus making it a lot easier to find a property that is suitable for them. Nowadays if a property is not listed on the web it is unlikely to make it onto a buyer’s short list.

The use of well designed flyers can also be an effective method of advertising. Research shows that many buyers actually buy within a 7KM radius of their old home. Distributing flyers locally will let people know that your property is on the market.

Classified adverts are still a good way to advertise. Sellers can use these ads to point customers to an on-line advert with full description and photos. Using these ad’s carefully can save you money as they are normally charged per word.

Friends and family should also be advised that your property is one the market. They may well know people looking for a property in your area. Work colleagues can spread the word further afield as well and use hospitals, shops, schools and other places of work to advertise your property with a well designed flyer.

Follow these simple steps and let as many people know your property is for sale and you are more likely to achieve a sale quickly.

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