How to Sell Partially Used Gift Cards for Cash

Did you know that there is a whole market out there for partially used gift cards? Many gift card recipients never spend the full balance on their cards. In fact, as of last year according to The Tower Group, an independent research group, over $8 billion on gift cards went unused.
Yes, $8 billion with a “B”.
These partially used gift cards are like buried treasure. So start rummaging! You can sell partially used gift cards for cash. Here’s how:
Step 1: Research. Log on to your favorite search engine and find a reputable discount gift card seller. Reputable is italicized because you want to ensure that the company you deal with is an approved member of the Better Business Bureau and stands behind ever transaction.

2. Complete the Customer Verification Process. If you’re selling partially used gift cards, you may be wondering, “Why do I have to go through a customer verification process?”
Because reputable discount gift card sellers take the time to ensure that all the cards they purchase are legitimate before they are sold to customers. Just think, if you were buying used gift cards, wouldn’t you want to deal with a company who conducts themselves in this manner?
3. Mail in Your Gift Card(s). Once you’ve completed the customer verification process – which is relatively quick and easy – you simply mail in your gift card and receive payment.
That’s it.
Getting Paid for Your Used Gift Cards
You can usually receive payments in one of two ways – via PayPal, a trusted online payment processor. Or, you can be paid by check, which will be mailed to you.
2 Good Reasons to Sell Your Used Gift Cards
Found Money: Many times, the leftover funds on old gift cards never get used. Hence, selling them is like finding cash in your pocket. This is really what it is as gift cards are like cash.

Upcoming Gift-Giving Occasions: Running short on funds for an upcoming anniversary, Valentine’s Day or birthday?
Selling partially used gift cards can get you the cash you need to buy a gift for these special occasions.

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