How To Select The Bread Maker That Works For You

Everyone loves bread! Therefore, everyone should have a bread machine. No matter what your price range is, there is a bread machine out there just waiting for you.

When bread machines first came on the market in the 1980s, they became an immediate hit. Even with their $300+ price tags, people scooped them up off store shelves and headed home to bake up a storm. In the beginning, the mainstream houseware retailers hadn’t caught on to the craze; bread machines were made by companies who produced that one particular product only.

Finally in the 90s the big houseware lines jumped in and produced a better product for less money, usually in the $75 to $100 range. In stark contrast to the earlier versions, these were less noisy and much less bulky. Many had far more options than the older ones as well.

Since any baker will tell you, you need a round pan to mix ingredients, so the first bread machines all produced round loaves of bread. The loaves may have looked strange, but they still tasted like regular homemade bread – fabulous. So who could complain? It would be another few years before manufacturers figured out how to make a bread machine with a square baking tin that could also produce some reliable bread.

Nowadays it’s easy to find round and square models. (The actual machines are all square or rectangular; it’s only the inside baking pan whose shape will change.) Some bread baking aficionados will swear by the round tin because the bread is easier to bake and the quality is more dependable. However, even though many now prefer the square tins, the uses do admit that the loaves do end up with some burned edges or unmixed flour near the corners.

Bored with making just bread all the time? Newer models have custom settings for Danish, pizza dough, specialty doughs like Italian bread, and a whole range of other tasty options. The machine will still mix the dough, let is rise, and then let you know when it’s ready for your next steps.

Even diehard professional cooks and bakers have given up the time consuming manual methods and turned to bread machines to help them out. They appreciate that there is no more guesswork due to the total automation of these baking wonders. Just open, add your ingredients, turn it on, and walk away for a few hours.

Make certain you know how easy it will be to clean, however. The less expensive models tend to make cleaning fairly difficult. Since the ingredients tend to get all over the place during the mixing, you want to be able to easily reach in and wipe it off. Try to find a machine that at least protects the heating coils.

Look for a machine that allows you to completely remove the top and put it in the dish washer. Also look for a machine that has built in splatter guards so that when accidents happen – and they will – you only need to clean the guards.

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