How To Save Your Relationship By Preventing Your Snoring

It’s not fun to lose sleep just because you happen to share a room with someone who snores. Just suppose what will happen to you every night if your roommate snores? It won’t be a good night each night. The snorer isn’t affected that much because he doesn’t even hear the noise while he is sleeping.

Snoring may be funny in TV sitcoms and in jokes but in real life, it is a really serious matter. It produces strain to relationships. You’re very fortunate if you have a roommate who can sleep through heavy noises at night. But if that’s not the case, then your wife or husband probably doesn’t enjoy the lovely days ahead after having sleepless nights.

It’s not a question of whether you really love your snoring mate or not. What matters is that you, as the non-snorer, are being deprived of a good and straight sleep at night. It makes you think that your partner is being a little selfish by sleeping peacefully while you lie awake at night, anxious for a sleep.

Snoring may be involuntary, but there are measures you can do to stop it. If you are the one who snores, try following these steps:

The first thing to do is lose weight. As mean as this appears, studies have shown that obesity plays a big factor in causing you to snore. Avoid or decrease drinking and smoking as well. Without alcohols, you muscles can relax more. Smoking increases overcrowding in your throat, lungs, and nasal passageways, stopping the otherwise smooth flow of air.

Some snorers are also trying chin straps. What chip straps do is hold the mouth together so the snorer is forced to breathe through their nose during sleep. There are also those who try hypnosis to put an end to their snoring.

It is still best to see an Ear-Nose-Throat doctor. ENT doctors can ascertain your throat if you have engorged tonsils, which can be responsible for your problem. Other inflamed tissues may also be the culprit.

The listed steps may be troublesome and expensive for some. But it’s not that big of a price to pay if you truly care about your mate. Just think about it, not only can snoring result to further health complications for you, your spouse also suffers from it each night. And if he or she is unhappy and stressed, then don’t expect something good to come out from your relationship.

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