How To Recover From A Hard Disk Crash Nightmare

No one likes the experience of a hard disk crashing. In just seconds, a lifetime of work can be gone leaving you in tears and with a huge problem.

The good news is that with the latest technology in hard disk recovery, it is possible to save the data. Depending on whether the crash was logical or physical in nature, there are a number of tools and methods that can be utilized to prevent total loss.

In logical disk crashes, the data becomes all mixed up and the computer ends up in an infinite loop or cannot understand the data due to perhaps a corrupted sector of data or maybe a virus attack. In contrast, a physical disk drive crash is when the disk itself is damaged, not the data.

However, it is still best to leave the recovery to the experts, firms that are into this type of work. To recover the data, sometimes, a combination of the two areas (logical and physical) are acted upon.

Normally, the computer has to be installed with its necessary software. As to the physical part, the damage may be identified by a machine test.

There are a number of utility tools to aid in logical disk failure. The come bundled with the operating systems installed on your computer. Windows, Leopard (for Macintosh computers), and Linux all have their utility software which users can use to maintain their disk drives. Anti-virus software can also help in the data recovery if the computer was attacked by a virus.

Physical damage on the hard disk is harder to recover from. Required with be special electronic equipment such as magnetometers are used to extract data from the damaged sectors. For physical disk crashes, it is best to submit your disk to the experts for recovery.

If you are recovering a hard disk on your own, there are a number of online guides to help you out. Of course, you will still need to find the software and hardware required to fix the disk or extract the data.

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