How To Read Change In Libido – Signs Of A Cheating Spouse?

Signs of a Cheating Spouse are many and varied. Married couples should never have secrets from one another; they are one and should not lie to each other. When you start having secrets in a relationship this can lead to distrust and other types of confusion.

Sometimes people may not be able to handle the truth and this in itself can cause problems. Besides the obvious form of secret, infidelity there are other types of secrets. These could be financially related for example. There will always be some kind of indication that there is something fishy going on. You need to be able to distinguish what precisely what it is.

When you suspect that your husband or wife is not being one hundred percent open and honest with you, it could cause increased anxiety and stress. The distance between the two of you could make the issue seem bigger than it potentially is. Creating the right environment for them to share their feelings and issues with you, knowing that you will be understanding and not judgmental, may go a long way to them opening up to you.

Sometimes, your fears may be realized and your spouse may in fact have feelings for someone else, or he may be having an affair. It is important to understand and read the signs accurately to help you come to a conclusion as to the cause. Nothing will push a man away faster than asking him constantly whether he is having an affair, when in fact he is preoccupied about work. If you are able to read the signs in a non-dramatical fashion, you will get a more accurate understanding.

Most women would prefer that the relationship is purely sexual as opposed to a love affair. He is less likely to leave you if it was just all about sex. Where there is no emotional involvement and it is just sexual, it is more difficult to read the signs. Missing items that suddenly reappear and stained underpants could be some tell tale signs.

Condoms in his wallet or car or elsewhere on his person could be another sign. There may be a change in the way he behaves sexually or his libido may be at new levels. The percentage of men leaving their wives after a sexual fling is significantly lower than is the case where love and emotions are involved.

Every woman fears that her husband will fall in love with someone else. The signs with this are plentiful. A husband who is in love with another woman will become selfish and require more time to himself. He will seem disinterested in the family and in you. He may not express much affection or tell you that he loves you and may not seem to enjoy being around you. Unusual mood swings and daydreaming are common signs. A sudden urge to improve his appearance will almost always happen in the early parts of an affair, as will keeping his cell phone out of your reach.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse could indicate that he has fallen in love with someone else or that he is just having a fling. It is important to not mistake all of this for the fact he may be focusing on something totally unrelated.

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