How To Rank In Google First Page For My Keyword?

Being on Google first page is not a joke as it requires lot of hard work. Dealing in the business of internet marketing is one’s dream to be on first page of Google and for that one need to be very careful about the keywords of the content as it only depends on that according to which search engine ranks you. As you are ranked high you brighten your chances of being on first page and accordingly the traffic also increases on your website. To be lucky to be picked by Google you need to work o the content of your website which mainly includes two points and these points are as such.

Keyword: Keywords play a vital role in content and it’s only the keyword that a user searches. Keyword should be relevant so it solves the query easily. Google rank the website according to the content, it rank those websites first who have the keyword more than the content of that website which has less keywords.

Back links:To be on first page of Google you have to see the website and check out the number of links that site’s has and how good the repudiated websites are are. It not only depends upon the number of links it has but also on the quality of links it has. Though making higher ranks and thus adding to the first page of Google.

Google is nothing but the highest search engine which one cannot imagine. It scans all websites from top to bottom and that to simultaneously and quickly select the site which has majority of that keywords in it and the words which have relevant meaning to that keyword, it then sees the links of that site with their sites and the page is thus ranked as the first page in Google.

To be on the first page of Google one need to work accordingly. Thus the steps that should be followed are as follow: 1. Meta tags, description and title of your content should always include the keyword making sure it is relevant. 2. Keyword can also be published in the URL address of your content so its easier and quicker to search. 3. It follows the simple rule i.e. the keyword should be added after every four to five sentences. So that our site is selected by Google. 4. search results can be increased just by adding keyword to the hyper link.thus heightening the result of search

Mixed forms to help a lot in away that they need to be submitted to as many directories they want. Thus it will contain a link which is linked to the original content making these links believe that the site is the most popular linked site. In Google popular is the shortcut to the first page of Google so you are pushed accordingly. It’s a myth that we believe that being on the first page of Google will add traffic to the site.

It is a true fact but one need to carefully place the cards as one mistake can put you out of the race. Therefore, playing with keywords may sound a easy job but its not easy one need to place these words carefully and link it with others site also with precaution making sure the linked sites are good and help you get to the first page of Google.

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