How to Quickly Raise $100: Sell Gift Cards for Cash

What if I told you that you probably have an extra $100 lying around that you don’t even know about? You’d probably shake your head in disbelief and say, “Where? I’d really like to know where.” Following is how to quickly raise $100 – simply sell gift cards for cash.
“Sell gift cards for cash? And just where am I supposed to get them?”
Before I explain, consider this: in 2007, over $97 billion dollars in gift card sales were made. And, over $8 billion dollars of this went unused. This means there’s a lot of money floating around out there on gift cards.
Most of the time, when someone receives a gift card, one of the following happens:
i) It is used immediately: In this case, the receiver is so thrilled about receiving a gift card to their favorite store that they can’t wait to use it. So, off they go. Of the $100 on it, they spend $68, saving the other $32 for “later.”

But, later never happens. The card gets pushed into a drawer, or in the back of a wallet, never to be pulled out again. Remember the question above, ie, if I’m going to sell gift cards, “. . . just where am I supposed to get them?”
We’ll come back to this later.

ii) It is saved for later: Sometimes when a recipient receives a gift card to a retailer they rarely frequent, they’ll save it to “stop in one day just to see what they have.” But, it never happens. So, that $50 sitting on the card languishes, waiting to be spent.

In both of these cases, the money that’s left on the gift cards can be sold to discount gift card sellers.
How many of these types of cards do you have in coat pockets, old handbags, briefcases, in the utility drawer in the kitchen or the desk drawer of your home office? Go on, think. How many do you think you could scrounge up — four, five, six or more?
How much of the unused $8 billion on gift cards outstanding is hidden in your house. At least $100, I bet. Gather them up, log onto the site of a reputable discount gift card seller, and turn them into cold, hard cash.
Now do you see how easy it can be to raise $100 when you sell gift cards?

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