How To Purchase A Cell Phone For A Senior Citizen

As we get older we all want to have a sense of autonomy. Part of that autonomy as we’re getting older is the need to have a cell phone as none of us want to feel like we have to give up our freedoms. I know that I’ll want my parents to be able to do so as long as possible and that’s why I made sure I bought and taught my senior parents how to use a cell phone.

The issue with autonomy is that as we get older there is more chance of something happening, a medical accident or an accident of another nature. The cell phone is what gives the senior the needed outlet, no matter where they are and they don’t have to be dependent on a landline they may or may not be able to get to. The problem is that you need to take into consideration the differences of the cell phone for the senior. It’s a lot different than trying to buy a cell phone for a teenager. The reasons for this are that the needs and the requirements are simply going to be poles apart. The following information is going to give you some details on how to both purchase a cell phone for your senior and also the right cell phone for you to purchase.

Thinking about Beneficial Features

Only you will know the senior you’re purchasing for. Everyone else can only make suppositions; however, there are some things that are universal for almost every single senior. For the most part the older generation is more technophobic as they didn’t grow up with anything like this and the cell phone and some other technologies are foreign to them. Yet there are others that are up to the task and want to be able to use things like picture messaging to get photos of the grandchildren. The additional features are going to be for the more non technophobic senior. You’ll be the one to know who fits that mold or if they don’t. More predominately you’ll find that seniors are more technophobic and are going to just want things that have easy options and no frills.

Regardless of if you’re looking for any additional features or not you’ll want to make sure that the cell phone you’re purchasing has large buttons. A simple fact of getting older is the eyesight is always one of the things to go and that’s where the large buttons are going to come into play making sure that the phone buttons can be read clearly.

Hearing and the Dial Tone

If there are hearing aids that the senior you’re purchasing for utilizes then you’ll need to make sure that the phone you’re purchasing is a compatible model. Due to the fact that this is a more specialized necessity there isn’t going to be as wide of a selection of phones. Even with that fact there are still plenty of carriers that will have the phones that will accommodate what you’ll need through their current phone selection.

Another thing that the senior will like is a dial tone as they are used to that and they are used to the landline. The traditional thing is that you don’t have the dial tone on the cell phone like what you’ll get on the landline. In order for most seniors to know that the phone is working you should make sure that you’re finding a phone that has a dial tone feature.

Prepaid and Other Plan Options

You should make a consideration to both a prepaid cell phone and also potentially getting a small plan or adding a line to your current plan. The key though is to make sure that they have a phone which is going to make sure that they have the ability to be able to make a call and should there be an emergency there is going to be the phone outlet. The emergency outlet only is going to be a good instance where the prepaid phone is going to come in handy and probably be the best route. If the senior that you’re purchasing for is going to want to use the phone a little more often and want to use some additional features like text or picture messaging than you’re going to want to look into a basic plan. Another possibility other than that would be to add a line to your current plan. You can usually do that for around $10 a month with most carriers and they’ll just use your minutes and you should have the option of free mobile to mobile on everything. This is going to save a lot of money and give them the outlet not just for an emergency, but to communicate with you and also receive some picture texts of the grandkids if they are a little more tech savvy. With most of the prepaid plans you’re not going to have this option so this is where the regular plan is going to influence your decision. You’re the one that knows the senior you’re purchasing for more than and also better than anyone else so you’ll be able to take everything into account and be able to make the best decision on the route to take.

Final Thoughts

The one final thing that you need to have more than anything else is to make sure that the phone that you chose is simple enough to allow for understanding while still providing for everything that’s needed and wanted. When it comes to the senior there are three S’s to keep in mind. Simple for the senior to understand, use and contact emergency personnel should an emergency happen.

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