How To Prevent The Integrity Of The Roof By Maintaining Roof Gutters ?

Clogging or leaking of gutters allow water to cascade down the walls of the home and results in repulsing blots on the siding, flooding in the basements and even in planting of water in the foundation of the home. Planting of water in the basement can bring down the entire building. To avoid such dangerous situations, you should be engaged in cleaning and maintenance work at least once a semester.

When leaves, twigs, dirt and other unwanted materials stacked-up in the gutters, they begin to overflow. On a free day plan to fix the problems associated with your gutters. First of all install a ladder next to the gutters. Do not support your ladder on to the gutter as it can damage the gutters. Now, clean the gutters with the help of an old whisk broom and collect the residue in a bucket.

For a permanent solution to avoid such garbage, you can install a filtering mechanism to the gutters. This mechanism should be capable enough to differentiate between the garbage and the water. Mesh screens seems to be the perfect contender. It has got all the qualities we need.

The mesh screens are made up of either plastic or metal. These mesh screens are widely available at all the hardware stores. While installation of mesh screens, use manufacturer’s instruction for the maximum outcome.

For the patching up the holes in the gutter you need aluminum foils and asphalt roofing cement. Clean the vicinity of the hole or crack with the paint-thinner. Now, spread a coat of cement around the hole or crack. Cut a piece from aluminum foil larger than the hole or crack. Put it over the hole and press it firmly to set it. Spread another layer of cement over the foil and let the cement dry.

For fixing a leak at the seam first of all you have to clean the inside and outside of the gutter. Use a wire brush to clean all the dirt and debris from the gutter. Now use a rug to clear off the gutter, the rug should be saturated with paint thinner. Now using a putty knife wipe a genuine coat of silicon rubber on to the gutter and press it firmly into the seam.

For safety reason use proper safety equipments while working on the heights especially when working on the ladder.

Keep your gutter unclogged to maintain the beauty, durability and strength of the entire home.

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