How To Prepare For An Important Meeting

Do you ever find yourself despairing about the lack of time, space and energy you have to prepare for meetings? Sometimes, breaking down the process and being organised each step of the way will help you in the process no end.

Lots of people know what they do not want to say or achieve in a meeting but more often than not they have trouble articulating what they do want to say. Once way to combat this it to have a mental de-clutter as well as a physical de-clutter.

These simple tips are very basic but usually very effective and can really make a difference as to how to become more organised. Follow the steps to both mentally and physically sort out your life.

To physically de-clutter your life make good use of ‘no junk mail’ signs and ‘return to sender’ stickers. It is also a good idea to unsubscribe to any email subscriptions as your inbox will then be free of distractions and the hundreds of unnecessary junk emails you receive each day. Wherever possible have separate work and personal email addresses, this way you can switch off one or the other and keep focused on the task in hand. Make sure everything in your office has a place and a purpose, getting rid of any distracting junk is a good idea.

To mentally de-clutter your life it is a good idea to keep a diary or calendar on you at all times. By doing this you will be aware of any impending deadlines or meetings approaching. Try to learn how to say ‘No’ to people; constantly trying to please everyone around you does you no favours on the stress charts. By planning ahead in this way you will feel more prepared and focused.

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