It’s surprisingly simple to get started posting your very first auction on e bay. Here’s what you need to do.Open an e bay seller’s account.If you have bought things on e bay, then you already have an account – just log in with it and click ‘Sell’ in the toolbar at the top of the page, then click ‘Create a seller’s account’. If you’ve never used e bay before, then you’ll need to open an account first using the ‘register’ link underneath the toolbar, and then click ‘Sell’ and ‘Create a seller’s account’. The e bay site will then guide you through the process. For security, this may involve giving card details and bank information.

Determine what to sell.To your first little experiment with e bay, it doesn’t really matter what you sell. Have a look across the room you might be in . I’m positive there’s one thing in there that you are not all that connected to and will put in the post. Small books and CDs are ideal first items.

Submit your item.Click ‘sell’, and you are on your way to listing your item.The very first thing that is good to do is select a category or it may be best to simply let e bay select the category for you. Next, write a title and description. Include key phrases you suppose people will search for in the title field, and all the data you have got about the item in the description box.

Wait for it to sell.That is just a matter of sitting back and letting e bay do its job – buyers will discover your item and go bidding on it. Some bidders might e mail you with questions concerning the merchandise, and you need to do your best to answer these questions as quickly as you can.

Collect payment and post it.E bay will sent your buyer emails guiding them through the process of sending you payment for the item. Make sure you have the money before you send anything.Once you have got the payment, all you need to do is pack the item for posting ,take the buyer’s address from the confirmation email e bay sent you, and write it on the parcel. Put some stamps on, post it, and you are done!I hope you enjoyed selling your first item.

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