How To Pick A Real Estate Professional In West Vancouver, BC Easily

You have lived in your wonderful home for many years but the responsibilities of keeping it up is weighing very heavily on you. You now want to sell and buy a condominium, which would entail less of your time. How to go about picking the best West Vancouver Realtor?

British Columbia has an agency called the Real Estate Council of BC (RECBC) to regulate licenses to agents and brokerages. A search engine is available through their website to assist you in finding agents that qualify under the regulations of the Council. In examining this list you could choose a number of agents that interest you. You may be influenced in a direction by your family and perhaps your friends. Wait until you have researched everything fully to make a decision.

An agent belonging to an MLS, Multiple Listing Service, is beneficial to you since your listing will be seen by many more people. The person you choose should not have this career part time or is selling as a hobby. This career path is difficult and one must be completely committed in order to succeed.

Also important is an agent capable of estimating a reasonable selling price for your property. You may be tempted to accept a high selling price but this means that other houses at that price may be more attractive. This would definitely be a disadvantage as you may never receive an offer.

Ask for a list of recent customers so they can let you know what they experienced when they sold. Recent sales would be interesting in evaluating a success rate. The number of years as an agent does not always benefit you. It may be the new agent in the office is the one that will put in every effort in order to sell your house.

Lowering the commission amount may not be beneficial to you. Working hard to receive the commission motivates the agent. There are other properties that he can sell that will give him the full commission. So, why should your property be the priority the West Vancouver Realtor you have chosen?

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