How To Make Your Computer Run Faster

Have you ever experienced using a slow computer? Clicking on applications or doing simple typing would take ages. Remember how irritated it made you and how you wished you could do something to make it faster?

If you are experiencing this today, I just have the solution to your problem. I have prepared a list of steps for you to follow to improve on the processing speed of your computer.

Let us begin with the icons and files on your desktop. When you start your computer, it takes more time when the desktop is filled with icons. Unbelievably, these cute icons can put a burden to the processing speed of the entire computer. First, you have to removed them from the desktop and transfer them to another directory.

If you’re worried you might not be able to find the files you need, use the Search feature of your operating system. After all, this is what that feature was built for – to search for files. Compared to a slow computer, this extra step in running a program should be easy enough to bear.

Aside from it, you need also to upgrade your RAM. Don’t stick to the RAM you have five years ago when you acquired your computer. Some programs running in your computer at present may require higher RAM. So, upgrade it regularly!

Is your computer full of unused applications as well? Identify these and uninstall them. They are just taking up unnecessary space that your computer could use for faster processing.

Another thing you have to think to make your computer faster is to be alert with spywares and viruses. I suggest that you do regular scanning your computer and defragment your hard disc every now and then so that it can work the best it can.

So hopefully the above tips gave you an idea on how you can speed up your computer. So why not try them out and feel the computing difference!

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