If you have been dreaming about producing your own music you should realize that it is becoming more accessible as technology gets more advanced and the growing popularity of online social networking communities. You still need to start somewhere and get past the technical jargon and learning curve – these 6 steps will point you in the right direction and help you develop a strategy to get where you want to go as quickly as you can.

With just your computer and internet connection there’s now no need to try and get a record deal with some label as you can create, produce and promote yourself independently online all the way. Be it just for amusement and hobby or if you plan to go all the way and “fire your boss” once your music download sales are funding your life and getting you exposure.

Step 1 – Try to take some actions each day, baby steps, do not expect to pick it up all at one time. Assign yourself a slot of time every single day to learn and practice what you learn. Preferably do this before anything else – in other words don’t leave it until “if you’ve got time after all your other daily chores”. Put this action before anything else you do, even if it’s only for 15 minutes a day.

Step 2 – Turn your attention to the end result not the tools and techniques to get you there. People make the mistake of trying to understand how the engine works when all they really just need to know is how to drive the car. Keep your eye on the prize and let the rest fall into place.

Step 3 – Locate a system, program, set of tutorials and stay with it. There is plenty of information overload out there that can bog you down and make you lose interest or even worse give up. Find a good simple system with practical applications to get you learning through doing.

Step 4 – Enjoy it, keep it fun and creative, if it stops being fun do something else for a while and come back to it. There will be a lot of times when it gets a little overwhelming, remember the baby steps and take one step back if you need to.

Step 5 – Get involved in the online music communities. There is an ever growing music community online. Jump in and get involved. Look at communities of other independent musicians and artists. Add them to our MySpace friends, follow them on Twitter, listen to their music for inspiration and ideas – talk to them online, pick their brains! They have been where you are currently and can reduce your learning curve a lot.

Step 6 – Take a small amount of action today to get you closer to producing your own music that many people will download and really enjoy. Even if it’s just joining a forum, signing up to MySpace or starting up some online tutorials aimed at complete beginners – do something today – why wait?

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