In terms of traffic it is hard to find a site that become more popular in such a short period of time than Twitter which has set records in terms of overall users and still has yet to slow down. Now every single affiliate marketer on the planet wants to know is how to make money online with Twitter. In this particular article I am going to show you how to accomplish this and introduce a tool that will make the entire process so much easier.

There seems to be some confusion in terms of the number of followers and the number of targeted followers for knowing the difference will make a huge difference in the ability to generate an income from Twitter. To make real money on Twitter it is essential that you are targeting the right type of follower. Make sure when you are searching for new people to follow that they have the same interests in the products that you are trying to promote. I would rather have ten thousand targeted followers than a million random people.

Twitter is not a pure sales resource and the only way someone is going to continue to follow you is if you are sending them quality links and are building a relationship. It is okay to send links out to affiliate products but make sure that is not all you are sending. I have found through some frustrating trial and error that about one affiliate link for every fifteen tweets tends to work out the best.

By searching for the right type of follower and sending out a ton of tweets per day can take a heck of a lot of time but thankfully there is Tweet Adder. Tweet Adder allows me to search for the exact criteria I am looking for, build my Twitter following in multiple accounts without being banned and I am able to send mass tweets out to everyone on my list in a process that is close to being completely automated. Tweet Adder enables me to spend a lot less time on my Twitter accounts and more time on other online business.

When it comes down to making money online with Twitter you need to attract the right type of follower, build a relationship with your viewership and to get the most out of this process to use a Twitter tool such as Tweet Adder. It is essential if you are doing business on the web to gain a strong following that will help you to the next step or else you will be left in the dust. It is time to make money online with Twitter and Tweet Adder.

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