Yes, the title is certainly interesting: “How to make money on Twitter?»… Many people will think that this is nonsense of a gray Mare, but no, it’s real! Well, maybe not so much to earn, but it will still bring a certain benefit)

I came to this conclusion when I recently came across a post from a blogger’s blog, namely “Five ways to work with Twitter in an alternative way”. It turns out that Twitter is advertising the mega monster, but it’s true, just think how many people will read your ads (of course first necessary to gain followers, but it is in principle not such a problem, and the result will be worth it), or you do not advertise, but simply to take and to seek the views of the Mac to the particular issue you are interested in (example: in what direction to develop further)… Also, Twitter can be used for the purpose of reconnaissance of the situation on the fronts, because you can spy on how the competitors are doing there, what they are going to do, what do they see the future in…

In General, it turned out that this micro-blog Twitter is a very useful thing))

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