How To Make Money By Selling Golf Balls

Used golf balls are useful when you are trying to improve on your overall golf game. When using them you will not have to worry about them getting lost because you can simply replace them with others that you have. Over time it might well be possible that you have built up a fairly large stock of these used balls. If you have several hundred of them then you might consider the idea of selling them on. As such, here are some tips on how to make money selling used golf balls.

The first thing you need to do is to purchase a retriever. A retriever will allow you to fish out golf balls from different ponds on golf courses. There are a number of different retrievers that you might consider getting, and so should look at the different options available on the Internet and in your local golf shop.

Once you have your retriever you should then inquire with some local golf courses about using the retriever on their course. Many golf courses will allow this to occur because they simply do not want to be doing it themselves. They will see no use out of these used golf balls themselves, and therefore will allow people to come and take them away.

When you have got all of the balls together you need to check them all out. Not all of them will be able to be sold and many will be damaged and should thus be discarded immediately. Those that are fairly fresh and just dirty can simply be cleaned and then will be ready to be sold on.

You also need to figure out how exactly the balls are going to be separated that you have found. If you have a lot of balls of the same brand or make then you might want to separate them as such. However, you might also consider the idea of creating mix and match sets to use as well.

Once you have created all of the steps that you want to sell, you can then call up a few golf courses and driving ranges in your area. These places will require used golf balls throughout the year for their members to practice with and as such there will be a big market for you to sell to.

Of course, you can also consider other places to sell the balls. You might want to set up an eBay shop, for example, where you can sell them, or you could also sell them to mini golf courses as well.

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