This article’s intent is to describe in mild detail the advantages and finer points towards the use of solar energy to replace your electric company. Many people do not understand solar energy in its simplest form, and so you will also find out a method to make a small solar panel. This will help you understand the process.

If you are someone who is responsible for the utility bills in your home, you are aware that year after year they are on the rise. Something that seems to always be on the rise, more than any of the others, is the electricity. This is partly due to supply and demand. People need the energy and companies are plenty willing to give it to them at an often unreasonable cost.

You see, electricity is what many consider to be the one utility that they simply could not live without. This is likely true, because of all that we use this energy for. For instance, many of us use electricity to heat and cool our homes. We also use it to keep food fresh and run all kinds of devices and appliances in our homes. Since you can’t live without it, you might consider a method to attain it cheaper over time.

Solar panels literally take energy from the sun’s rays and transmit it into usable electrical currents to power everything in your home. The beauty of using solar power is that everyone and anyone can harness the power contained in the suns natural energy and save money overall. But how do they work? I will explain how to make a crude example of one so that you better understand the technology.

If you take a sheet of copper a foot squared, and place it over a burner on high for about a half an hour it will be coated with black oxide. Then allow it to cool for 20 minutes or so, and this black coat will flake off, leaving a red coating in its place. You now have a device that can harness some rays from the sun and create energy. If you hook it up to a current detection device while your plate is in the sun, you will see a current of energy being created.

I can only hope you will be able to understand solar energy a little better through this experiment. There are so many advantages to going solar, saving money is just the start. For more information, check out:

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