How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally With Lifestyle Changes

People that find out that they have abnormal cholesterol levels want to know how to lower cholesterol naturally, with minimal use of drugs. All doctors actually agree that unhealthy cholesterol levels can be combated without medication, and they would actually prefer that patients bring down cholesterol levels on their own. Some medication can actually do more harm than good, so they should not be the first plan of attack.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is actually the patient’s determination to lower his cholesterol. A lot of patients simply agree to anything right after the first scare of uncontrollable cholesterol levels, but then find the diet cumbersome after a few days. Thinking it is more trouble than its worth, they just go back to their old habits. It’s worse when patients don’t believe their doctors as to what can help them bring the cholesterol count down. They’re so unwilling to give up fast food, chips, cigarettes, or coffee, they just turn a deaf ear to what the doctor’s telling them on how to lower cholesterol naturally or how to lower triglycerides, and just go on doing what they want. They prefer to just rely on their medications to bring the levels down.

However, countless studies show that this is the wrong way to go. Medications without the proper lifestyle changes simply don’t work. Caffeine and nicotine do raise cholesterol levels, as does fried food, particularly if it’s red meat, and all the “goodie” processed food that many people love. Just a simple cutting down on these can do a lot to improve a person’s health; can you imagine what eliminating them will do?

How to lower cholesterol naturally means taking a trip and having a good discussion with a dietician or a nutritionist. However, it is frustrating for nutritionists and doctors when they set up means and ways to establish a great diet only to have their patients ignore it because they could not be bothered with ‘sissy’ food. It galls me to use the word, unfortunately it has been used more often than I care to count, especially by the same people whose cholesterol levels are way over the top.

Simply not eating red meat is one way how to lower cholesterol naturally. Actually, all saturated fats affect cholesterol counts adversely and have no place in a health-focused lifestyle. Replace these artery-stranglers with healthier cuts of poultry and fish. While these still have cholesterol, they don’t affect the health as much as beef and pork do.

The people that refuse to listen to the facts high cholesterol counts are only the result of horrific dietary habits and bad lifestyle choices are usually the ones that need to know how to lower cholesterol naturally. Unless a major change is taken in how they live their lives, their bodies will definitely fight back and show them how to lower cholesterol naturally – and permanently – by gifting them with an early grave.

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