You may be new to wearing glasses but don’t worry if you follow the following tips you will still look fabulous for Summer.

Follow the ten guidelines below to ensure that you are looking hot as a glasses wearer this year, make everyone jealous of your cool, new look.

Follow these ten points to help you look and feel fabulous:

1. Look at the outline of your face and decide whther it’s round, square, oval or heart shaped. This will make a big difference as to which type of glasses will suit you. Round glasses are suitable to oval, square and heart shaped sillhouettes whilst square glasses are appropriate to round faces. The best way to try out this theory is to sample wearing them so you can see the difference yourself.

2. What sort of person are you are you; outgoing or introvert? Try to choose a pair that suits you best. You may be outgoing and like bright vibrant colours, patterned design or perhaps be more conservative and go for a sophisticated look. Suit your personality which is reflected in the pair you choose.

3.Gather your dosh so that you have adequate funds to buy the pair of glasses that you want and that suit your style. Don’t skrimp on getting the right pair.

4. Think about your clothing, what style do you wear? Which colours tend to dominate your wardrobe? Try to match your glasses to your clothing so that your glasses co-ordinate with your style rather than clash.

5. Think about your hairstyle, its a good idea to get tips from your hair stylist as to which glasses will suit your cut.

6. Think about the contour of your eyebrow and how it will look with your glasses style. A well shaped eyebrow is a must as it frames the glasses wearers face.

7. Invest in a qualitiy concealer that will mask any imperfections that your glasses will enhance such as eye bags and lines.

8. Try curling your eyelashes as they will be less likely to touch the inside of the lenses thus not smearing them.

9. Keep your glasses smear and dirt free by regularly cleaning with a specialised microfibre cloth every couple of hours and with some soap and hot water daily.

10. Finally choose a funky, cool, chic soft type eye glasses case to keep them in whilst your are not wearing them. People will notice you more with a new, fresh look eye eyeglasses casewith patterns and bright colours.

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