How To Keep Your Room Cool Without Running Up Your Electricity Bill

Utah air conditioning units can be wonderful things. They keep us cool and alive during extreme heat waves. However, when limited by a budget there are some things that you can do to cool yourself off without always having to crank on your Utah air conditioning unit.

Place a fan near your window during the evenings. This will bring in cool air during the night to keep you refreshed. Be sure to close the window in the early morning and keep the room door closed. This will keep the cool air in the room as long as possible. You can repeat this procedure nightly.

Remember to use your ceiling fan. Even on high speed, a ceiling fan will use less energy than your AC unit. Ceiling fans help to keep things cool by circulating the air around you and keeping the hot air moving.

Use as few lights as possible. Lights generate heat. Stick to the necessities and only turn on as many lights as are needed to see. When you leave a room, turn those lights off. This helps with heat, but also helps with your electricity bill as well.

Turning on your Utah air conditioning unit every single time you are hot will waste a lot of energy. Try to limit it. Use your thermostat as a guide so you know when it is appropriate to turn on the AC.

Keep your shades drawn. The less sun that comes through, the cooler your home will be. Draw your shades in the early morning time so you keep things cool for as long as possible.

Use alternative cooling methods that are available. One option is to add water to your arms, or even to your shirt sleeves, and sit by a fan. The fan and water will cool your temperature down quite a bit.

Another alternative method is to use your bathtub. Fill it with cool water and get in. After the temperature gets warmer, you can let some water drain and then refill it with more cool water.

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