How To Increase Your Psychic Ability

We have been reading about thousands of people who claim to have psychic abilities over many years and getting confused whether they are true or not. Some of us may wonder on these kind of news and refuse to believe those. But the real fact is that everyone has psychic skills dormant within. It is an ability of your unconscious mind to perceive information in extraordinary style from the nature.

Before that you need to know what is meant by psychic power. It is an ability of human mind to perceive information in surprising way from the surroundings The unconscious mind gains control over conscious mind and start to perceive unusual information from our environment.

If you are really determined to sharpen psychic skill in you, you need to make some change in you’re your style and follow regular psychic excesses. Follow some steps listed below.

Be confident – be positive always. Negative thinking may hamper your goals and thus achievements. It distracts you back from challenges you face. Enriching your mind with positive attitude can boost your psychic skills. Grow positive attitudes by listening to good song reading books and watching amazing movies.

Visualize your success. Make a picture in your mind that you are going to be successful in this attempt. You will get a positive momentum to keep going and t unleashes the extreme power in your mind.

Slow down the frequency of your brain waves to a slow range called alpha frequency. Psychic activity does not occur in normal brain frequency which is too rapid. You have to slow down the speed of your thinking by proper exercise and concentration. That means reduce your brain wave frequency from fourteen to twenty cycles per minute, normal brain frequency of a man, to seven to fourteen minutes. Your unconscious mind will wake slowly and gain control over your conscious mind and thereby your brain will attain alpha frequency stage.

Make your mind in peace and free from stress, strain and hard thinking. Negative thoughts and memories may harm you mentally. Your brain may not attain alpha frequency stage while your mind is with obsolete and out dated thinking. So, close your eyes for a while get rid of any thing from outside try distract your mind. Your unconscious mind will surely waken thus you will get a psychic stage.

Find more time for meditation. It is a good technique to rest your mind and to leave normal waking state and to attain consciousness mental stage which is vital to form psychic skills. You may be fully awake while meditating but you are totally unfocussed on external incidents. Meditation can slowdown your mind and create inner awareness and concentration. And play cards or chess that can help you to sharpen ESP (extra sensory perception) of your mind.

Do practice above mentioned techniques daily and let your psychic connection open. If you are failing in couple of attempts, choose more calm area and take proper rest to continue. Or find out the reasons of failure and try to concentrate well giving more time.

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