You understand the feeling — that awful, burning, churning sensation inside your esophagus that makes your chest feel almost as if it were on fire.

Treating heartburn will be as uncomplicated as altering your behavior or as complex as asking your doctor for prescription medication.

Keep a food diary

Changing your behavior is the first and best way to get rid of your heartburn. Start a food diary and put down everything you consume and drink for about five days. Make a notation as to which of those days — and the times — that heartburn occurs. This diary should help you pinpoint which foods agree with you and which are triggering your heartburn. Pick more of the foods that agree with you and less of those that cause your heartburn and you will be well on your way towards curtailing or even removing it totally.

Watch your breathing

Even though this may shock you, you can really upset your digestion and create heartburn by breathing unevenly. This will cause air to become lodged in pockets inside your by digestive tract, which hampers food processing. This can easily be caused by smoking or chewing gum just prior to eating or by wearing tight clothes.

Over-the-counter heartburn treatments

There are more than a few over-the-counter treatments on hand to deal with heartburn. However, almost all of these are designed to stop your heartburn after it has begun. Some of the most popular of these over-the-counter medications are Tums, Pepcid AC, Gaviscon, Tagamet and Di-gel.

Natural treatments

You might also be able to get rid of your heartburn utilizing natural treatments. One good answer is to simply eat more than raw vegetables and to eat smaller meals more often during the day. This is actually more of a preventative than a treatment as it can actually keep heartburn from occurring.

Orange peel extract?

Other natural treatments for heartburn involve orange peel extract, which has really been tested in clinical trials and proven efficient. You can also try natural supplements such as chamomile, meadowsweet, slippery elm, Cancer Bush, Angelica root and ginger root. The herbalists of today have found that a combination of many of these herbs can be even more efficient than taking just one. This means that before trying herbs such as ginger root, you should consult with your compounding pharmacist and then tried a few of the several combinations that are recommended for you.

These natural ways to deal with heartburn have assisted a lot of sufferers, plus they cost little or nothing as compared with over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs.

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