How To Get A Broken PS3 Fixed

As a PS3 owner, you probably fear the “yellow light of death.” And if your PS3 has this light showing you probably would like to know if it can be fixed. Happily, it can be Đ there are three basic ways to do this, which I will explain below.

You need to know, though, that some take a while, and some are expensive. Try the one that suits your situation best and go for it. Here are the three best ways to repair a PS3 that I have found:

1. Let the Manufacturer Repair the Machine. This is probably the easiest way to go about getting the PS3 fixed. Sony has a team of technicians who do this around the clock Đ nothing but fix broken PS3s. If you package up your unit and ship it back to Sony it will go to this repair center.

The downside is that it will take both time and money. It will cost a minimum of $150 and you’ll be without your game for at least 6 to 12 weeks. When you get your console back it’ll be reformatted Đ so anything you had saved will be gone. Plus there is no guarantee that the original problem won’t recur.

2. Other Repair Professionals. This is a slightly cheaper option. There are professionals who specialize in this exact repair (PlayStation 3 yellow light fix). Make sure you ask not just if they work on PlayStation 3 but if they do the yellow light fix Đ not all do. You can generally find one who will through Google.

You’ll only pay around $60-140 for a local person to do the repair, most often. The turnaround time is better too with an average of about six weeks. You still run the risk of getting your console back with a reformatted hard drive.

3. Do it Yourself. Many people think that it is too tricky to try to repair a PS3 on their own. Surprisingly, it isn’t. You can do an effective yellow light repair on a PS3 yourself quickly and cheaply if you get an instructional guide. You can even find a step-by-step video to walk you through the repair.

Watch a video. They are literally step-by-step, all you have to do is follow along. If you do the repair in the steps shown, you’ll do the fix in no time and you’ll be done. Plus, you won’t have to format your hard drive and lose all your games.

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