How essential is beauty to a single woman that is trying to find a good man to marry?

Most likely a lot of single female would like to be much more beautiful or at least a little beautiful. But how many of them are making their beauty one of their highest priorities?

It may be politically incorrect to say, “I have as a high priority to make myself more beautiful, sexy, and feminine every day.” The P.C. Police and some feminists might see such a goal as self-absorbed, shallow, and selfish, or, again, as too “submissive” or “surrendering” to what a man likes to see in a woman.

It might be politically improper to say that a female ought to develop these qualities inside herself. However, know that a nice, sweet, but unbeautiful, unsexy, and unfeminine woman may spend many lonely, unhappy years being politically correct and unnoticed by most men.

I don’t want any woman to go unnoticed as a woman, as I did for so long. It hurts too much and too deeply. I know this is true. I experienced it. It really hurts me even at this moment as I recall it all these years later.

In the context of finding the right man for a woman to marry and finding him in as short a time as possible, she must be realistic. The true reality is that guys are attracted to an attractive female a lot more than they are attracted to a basic female.

Look around you each day at all the other females you witness. Then ask yourself, “Do many of these women seem to be making it a priority to be beautiful, sexy, and feminine as they live their day-to-day lives?” It seems obvious to me that many do not. Despite the fact that a lot of men require beauty and a sexy femininity from a woman in order to be attracted to her in the first place, few women try hard enough.

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