How To Eliminate Age Spots Easily

Ageing process is unavoidable and this process includes the unwanted wrinkles, fine lines and the frightening age spots. Age spots are not freckles. The latter are primarily a result of sun exposure for a person with sensitive or fair skin; and because of this predicament, they are often called sun spots. Age spots on the other hand are simply spots caused by ageing. As your skin ages, difficulty of absorbing the essential nutrients take place. This results to skin dryness, wrinkles and dark skin pigmentation.

How to fade age spots? A wide array of products specific for age spot treatment can be seen on the cosmetic counter. They claim to diminish or remove age spots. With continuous and regular application, these fade cream will lighten or remove the unwanted age spots. You will notice the lightening of color on your age spots quite gradually but this is one of the safest treatments you can have.

If you intend to get immediate results, a superficial skin peel will be good for you as it is a quick and easy procedure. This procedure however, needs a trained professional since your skin problems will be evaluated in relation to the concentration of the ingredients you need. Superficial peel addresses your skin problems at the cellular level and not just on the surface. By removing the old and dull skin a new skin cells will reproduce at a fast rate. It contains a mixture of salicylic acid, ascorbic acid and alpha hydroxy acid. The treatment might make you experience a tingling and stingy sensation for a few seconds but mild enough to cause any discomfort. This procedure is also effective in reducing wrinkles and fine lines and even for acne and skin blemishes. Improvements can be seen on the first treatment but best results can take place after 3 to 5 sessions.

When you want to treat your age spots in a natural way Buttermilk is quite popular in fading age spots. A concoction of one tablespoon buttermilk with three drops of lemon essential oil is effective in fading the age spots. Just dab it to the affected area daily and in about a month you will notice the gradual fading of age spots.

Organic aloe vera gel has a substance that helps in removing age spots. All you have to do is simply rub your skin with it twice a day. Favorable results will be evident in a couple of months.

Extrapone nutgrass, a medical herb found in India. This will inhibit the production of melanin in order to reduce it. Also, this has a whitening characteristic which will totally eliminate them This is very effective and has no side effects. Having these three ingredients together would make you kiss goodbye to age spots. However, one must be dedicated and patient in treating it because age spot is quite a serious skin disorder

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