Speed and convenience are the order of the day in our fast-paced lives. Everything is expected to happen quickly, producing high-quality results in record time. Computers, cell phones, email and the internet have raised our expectations in other areas of life too, making them unrealistic. Immediate results are expected on everything from home improvements to diets.

That is why so many highly intelligent people have been attracted to the world of fad diets. These food plans promise quick results but are often pushing unhealthy, unbalanced nutrition. They are promoted on television shows and magazines. By their popularity, we can mistakenly believe that they are a good, healthy choice. We forget that they are promoted to bring the author wealth, not health.

Why Do We Have To Eat?

When you ask yourself the question, “why do I eat,” the obvious answer seems to be “because I”m hungry.” If that gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach was all there was, hunger would be considered a comfort, not a necessity to life. The fact is that food keeps us alive. It nourishes our bodies. It feeds our bones, our blood, and our brains. Without the right balance of the right foods, we cannot function at optimum capacity.

We gain weight for two reasons. Number one, we consume more food than we need. Number two is that we don”t get enough exercise to burn off the calories that we consume. There are many reasons that we eat. Stress, boredom, and fear are just three. But if you look carefully, you will see that these are all emotional responses and have nothing to do with hunger or nourishment.

When we respond to an emotional need by eating, we consume food our bodies do not need and therefore do not use up, making us put on weight. This is naturally not healthy, but neither is starving your body of the essential nutrients it needs, as many fad diets recommend. Carbohydrates for example, are a necessary part of a healthy, balanced diet. Which carbohydrate, and how much of it you consume will influence how much weight you gain.

Everything in Moderation

Fad diets often advocate omitting essential nutrients from your diet in order to lose weight. This not only is bad for you, it often leads to yo-yo weight loss and gain as your body tries to redress the unbalance. Fad diets sell the promise of a quick fix, not a healthy long-term lifestyle, which is what your body really needs.You don’t have to give up the treats, just don’t eat too much of them.

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