How To Design A Sign For A Medical Business: Designing The Perfect Effective Sign

When thinking about how to design a sign for a medical business, it’s helpful to bear in mind a few simple but highly effective tips which will serve to draw attention to your business as well as conveying its key features in a manner that is professional and informative.

The most successful signs are kept simple and large. It may be tempting to overload a sign with every single feature of your business, or perhaps a review or recommendation. Studies show, however, that a crowded sign makes much less of an impact on the casual browser, who may be unwilling to commit the time to gain every possible piece of information from your signage and will simply pass it by.

There should be no doubt as to the name and purpose of your business, and the kind of lettering used speaks volumes for your company. Remember, the reader should not have to make a significant effort to understand or decipher your sign; simplicity is most definitely a virtue when it comes to medical signage.

Any text should be able to be read from a distance, so that rules out fancy, ornate script and convoluted lettering. It may look ‘classy’ on business stationery or in a promotional pamphlet, but this kind of lettering is simply not appropriate for a large medical sign. Try to avoid overkill when it comes to Italics or Underlining, too; less is almost always more when it comes to designing signs.

One font to avoid is Comic Sans, which is exactly as it describes itself; a font for comic books. It’s remarkable how many signs use this lettering style, perhaps because it is high up in the Microsoft Word list, but it sends out the wrong message for this kind of organisation. Also try to avoid anything ‘faddish’ that might seem eye-catching now, but will simply end up cringe-inducing in a few years time. Remember, you want to seem professional and authoritative, not simply popular.

When it comes to coloring, never underestimate the virtues of white space. Contrast is the key, with bold colors working far more effectively than dulled or pastel tones. Blue and Green are popular medical choices, while black is almost always a safe bet when it comes to lettering. The higher the contrast, the bolder the colors, the more likely your sign will stand out and be noticed by the general public.

In terms of a logo, be sure not to steal something that is protected under international copyright, such as the Red Cross symbol. Don’t try to be too clever; some combination of letters and simple shapes is almost always better than a masterpiece. Also, if you’re looking to convey your qualifications on a sign, don’t let them dominate. They should be there to be consulted by an already interested potential customer, and should not dominate.

The golden rule when thinking about how to design a sign for a medical business is to convey who you are, what you do and little else in a manner that is easy to read, even from a distance, uncluttered, clean and professional. If you’re having trouble coming up with something yourself, it’s definitely worth contracting out to a professional graphic designer. Your business will reap the benefits of this easy method of self-promotion.

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