How To Deal With A Dysfunctional Relationship

What are the reasons for certain romances ending into nonfunctional relations? The answer is usually easy. But there are plenty of reasons.

Often times people remain in bad relationships because they are comfortable or are fearful of finding someone new. Many are unable to notice when the relationship has gone bad. Some might know what is happening but decide to ignore the problem in order to just have it go away. People often don’t have any clue about how to get out of longstanding problems.

Finding the right person for a relationship is the only way some people think that they can be truly happy. These people think that if they don’t have people around that they will be lonely. It’s important to clarify that loneliness happens even for people that are constantly in the midst of company. This is typically the case for people who chose to stay in relationships with a lot of negative factors. You may not be happy even if you’re in a relationship. You just have to look at the domestic violence rates to see that this is true.

In a healthy relationship there should be a certain degree of power, control, and importance shared between each partner. A situation where one person is always running the show can be very damaging. While many women associate jealousy with love, this is especially true of younger, less experienced ones. Although it may like second nature to protect the one you love, you might be hurting them without even realizing it.

Many men like to get involved in all issues that pertain to their wives just to keep tabs on them and control their activities. This is normally displayed as a genuine caring for her status. A woman might feel as though she’s on a slippery slope because of this situation, leaving her with little to no control over what goes on around her. Quite often, the men who end up being the most abusive portray themselves as knights in shining armor. And keep in mind that if something seems to be too good to be real, it probably isn’t real.

There are some dysfunctional behaviors that parties in a relationship should never have to tolerate. Abuse of any kind – be it physical, emotional, sexual, or substance abuse – is never acceptable and should not be put up with. Offenders always say they are sorry and make promises to “never do it again”, this response is typical and can become a serious issue if you allow it to occur. Before deciding to save the relationship, you should always insist that your partner seek help first.

Relationships that are not healthy have many apologies and promises. If things that are committed to are not done, and without apologies, then this is an area of concern. This is the point at which you must debate whether you will be better off putting an end to it. Boyfriend/girlfriend situations often find themselves progressing towards a life filled with marriage and children. The longer you stay in a dysfunctional relationship and the more people that are affected, the more difficult it will be to extricate yourself from it.

Many women have the wonderful gift of wanting care for other but it is important that they can feel happy about their own persona as well. It’s only at this time that they’ll see themselves not having to inquire as to the reason that a few romances result in relationships that don’t work out.

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