How To Clear Up Moles Using Garlic

It may seem unbelievable, but what about utilizing garlic to get rid of moles? It is a natural treatment and it won’t cost you a pile of cash that you cannot afford to spend, so it is truly worth the effort associated with this treatment.

When you make use of garlic to get rid of moles, you will have to put in some effort and have a lot of patience. Why? Because utilizing garlic to get rid of moles takes plenty of repeated applications. Just because you use a little garlic on your mole doesn’t mean that it is going to just fall off.

This method is very labor intensive and you will need to repeat the treatments for several days, or even weeks before you notice any results. You will have to scratch the surface of the mole to open it up so that it will take in the garlic. Next, you will crush the garlic so that the juice is expressed and then you will apply this mushed garlic directly to the mole.

Next, you cover the garlic and the mole with a Bandaid. If you notice that the surrounding skin is irritated at all, you may wish to cover the area surrounding the mole with a callous cushion which is like a miniature ring with a hollow centre. This will stop the garlic from touching the surrounding skin.

You will have to reapply the garlic whenever it dries up and replace it with newly squeezed garlic. It does not have to be a large amount, but it needs to be moist and fresh. You can purchase a head of fresh garlic in the produce section of your grocery store, it is very inexpensive.

Eventually, a scab will form over the mole. Do not pick the scab or try to remove it, but keep reapplying garlic over the scab. Eventually, the scab will fade away and the mole will be gone along with it.

There are other natural remedies which are less work intensive and do not require so many repeated treatments.

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