How To Choose Zebra Hide Rugs

Exotic, tropical or exquisite, call it what you want but one thing is constant; a zebra skin rug has the potential to transform almost any room into an

than right to do so. The last thing you want is making a room look worse than before instead of beautifying it.

In that case, it would suffice to say it would make a great addition and would also do a good job at it to.Below you will find a few guidelines in selecting your rug:

Your surface area

Approximately, the magnitude of a good sized zebra skin is 8 feet by 5 feet. With that in mind, measure the area on which you wish to use your rug and determine whether or not the dimensions of the particular space are big enough to accommodate your rug.

Have alternatives to laying it on the floor

Sometimes you might find that laying it on the floor just won’t work. In this case you would want to consider other options. Options like hanging it on the wall or over another piece of furniture. Usually this turns out great, but you will have to make your own judgment on that.

Know the quality of your hide

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that not all zebra rugs are equal. They come in varied sizes and conditions depending on what the zebras they came from were exposed to. Sometimes these animals have battle scars which in turn reduce the quality of the hide.

These differences are part of the reason why skins are categorized in separate classes to make it easy for anyone to judge its quality without actually seeing the skin itself.

Categories spell out quality

It is due to these variations that zebra pelt rugs are classified under different categories. These classifications are there to tell us what kind of skin we are buying, quality wise.

For example, the skins that don’t have any flaws are put in one category while the ones with more flaws or repair marks are put in different classes accordingly.

Professional Tanning

When these rugs are being made, they undergo what is known as tanning. This process can go wrong resulting in poor looking pelts if done by an amateur. Try and find out if the one you wish to buy was made by an expert.

A gorgeous zebra skin for your home

If you follow at least just some of these steps, you can be rest assured you will end up with a good looking authentic zebra skin rug for your home.

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