How to choose a children’s bath robe in 2021

Living in the same breath and on the same wave with your child is an art worthy of deep respect. However, not many modern parents manage to do this. Psychologists say that only 3% of parents are able to speak the same language with their children. The remaining 97% are almost always engaged in earning their daily bread and the status of a stable and well-off family. If you also do not fall into the number of lucky ones from the harmonious 3%, do not rush to be upset and hang the label “bad parents”on yourself. The concept of a “happy family” cannot be defined within the framework of a clear life scenario. Not always because staying 24 hours a day next to a child is the key to harmony and absolute understanding. As well as true love at a distance of employment and lack of time does not always indicate pedagogical mistakes. Each family is individual. Most importantly, strive to be around more often, and also-in every possible way to prove, confirm and supplement your love with pieces of sincerity and tenderness.

The proof that busy moms and dads are constantly thinking about their favorite child can be an unexpected surprise. However, our advice to you: do not spend money on the hundredth (millionth) machine or doll, a computer game or a disk with cartoons. Give your child a useful, practical, necessary (from the point of view of parents, of course) and unique, admirable (as for a child), calling to play, thing. For example, a dressing gown with your favorite cartoon character.

Children’s bathrobe for the child. Do I need it?

First of all, decide for yourself why (from a practical point of view) you may need a robe. From experience, we can say that buying bathrobes for children is really necessary in several cases:

1. Sudden changes in temperature. Do you live in Primorye, or, on the contrary, in an area located high above sea level? Or the climate of your zone is sharply continental and you have an unbearably hot summer day, and cold at night, and in winter – hard frosts do not give rest? Recall that the mechanism of thermoregulation (this is when the body itself can adapt to the external swing of the climate) in a child is fully formed only by the age of 12. This means that you, as responsible parents, need to take care of the child’s health. A good warm robe will become an indispensable assistant in this in cold weather, and a thin one (terry cotton or microfiber) will protect you from a draft on a summer evening.

2. Bath treatments. After bathing, the child, like an adult, wants to keep the heat of the water longer. Especially in winter. And you, as parents, want to protect your child from a cold, which can easily “sneak up” on a hot back and wet hair. Therefore, a children’s bath robe is an absolutely necessary thing in the house. Always warm, and always-with a hood. By the way, if you have a private house, in the plan of which you did not provide for underfloor heating, buy a bath set with slippers for your child. This approach will not only save you money, but will also be proof of care “on all fronts”. Let’s share another secret: if you find it difficult to put your baby to bed in the evening, the robe will also become a faithful assistant for you. It will keep a cozy warmth, and this, as you know, lulls better than any sleeping pill!

3. Sports and swimming. If your child is engaged in sports, such as boxing or athletics, or goes to classes in the pool-be sure to buy him a bathrobe. After training, you should definitely restore the normal heart rate and temperature balance. To do this, it is better to warm up. Under such conditions, sports will become a joy and will bring benefits and hardening to the body.

Now you know why you and your child really need a bathrobe.

By the way, about the game. And cartoons. To really love your dear child’s robe, it is important to guess exactly with the pattern. If you do not know for sure which of the cartoons your child loves the most, take a look at our cheat sheet!

Cheat sheet on cartoons and drawings for parents

Let’s arrange the cartoon “careless” characters according to age.

So, for babies from birth to 3 years, it is best to buy robes of bright colors (after all, at this age, everything bright and colorful attracts the attention of children) with an interesting but understandable pattern. Children up to 3 years old actively learn about the world, learn to recreate the sounds of the surrounding nature, get acquainted with animals. Therefore, you will never lose if you give your child a robe with a hero who is not tied to a specific plot of a cartoon or fairy tale. For example, choose a robe with a dog or a bear, a rabbit or a horse, a kitten or a tangible geometric shape-a house.

For children from 3 to 7 years old, it is important to choose already dressing gowns with story pictures. Moreover, different for boys and girls. For example, children at this age will be delighted with a robe with popular and favorite “Cars”, as well as with the heroes of the “air” variation of wheelbarrows “Litachkami”. Girls will surely like delicate dressing gowns with Minnie Mouse (a charming friend of the famous Hollywood Mickey), and with the heroine of the Japanese, very touching cartoon, Kitty cat. However, for this age there are universal cartoons, equally loved by both girls and boys. For example, your children will be happy to plunge into the atmosphere of the Fairy-tale Winnie-the-Pooh Forest after a bath, play pranks with their favorite Masha from the famous modern cartoon “Masha and the Bear”. Learn the mysteries of the underwater world with Dolphin Flipper and his friends, and enjoy learning how to cook a magic potion with Smurf and Smurfette.

For children and girls from 7 to 12 years old, dressing gowns with images of comic book characters, superheroes (Spiderman, Batman, etc.), and plots of favorite computer games (for example, “Angry Birds”) will be interesting. For a romantic girl (and, as a rule, at the age of 12-14 years, girls are already beginning to think about first love), a robe with a “photo” of a beautiful prince will be suitable as an original gift.


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