A disease of children and adults caused a severe fever and many spots on the skin. Once it has been taken that this disease contaminated into human physique by way of worm derived from chicken shit and chicken itself. It is needless to mansion that chicken might be caught these worm in course of feeding fodder, grains and dried paddy or rice.

Chicken pox is a common disease, spread either in the early age or caught in the age of old. Aged people used to say that people must have to encounter this contagious disease once in a life time. Once you have had chicken pox, it won’t recur again. But question arises how much true lies in their prediction.

A general survey had been polled by the experts to determine how many children down with this contagious disease in a year. It has been noticed that 75%-85% children have suffered with chicken pox average. But after invention of anti-varicella zoster vaccination in 1990; chicken pox reduced drastically and quite a rare case has been found among the children and adults alike.

Chicken pox dictates a lot of symptoms before appearing in human health. It is such a disease which won’t give you much time to develop in your skin overnight. In a survey, it has been noticed that a lady awakened in the middle of late night for having quaffs water. She just gets off from her bed and took a glass of plain water to her closer table and when she back to lie again, she discovered reddish blister on her hands first and gradually it spreads all through her physique. Remember chicken pox spread with the advent of Varicella Zoster Virus, and spreads out while blister gets broken and liquid contaminates others.

You might thought it’s an Articaria or Measles during incubation period, but when you discover that it get blistered filled with liquid and giving a little itching sensation, you should hold that chicken pox developing since you are likely to feel headache, feverish, malaise, sneezing, coughing, loss of appetite, and particularly your eyes get red. In a case it is also seen that a patient got anal and scalp itching before sets off the incubation. Sometime you may have itching without scabies before appearing chicken pox; and it is too detrimental for nephritis complication. Gradually chicken pox will extend your malaise and fever simultaneously with sneezing, and if chicken pox is elongated, the simmering fever may give rise to kidney disorders as found in the research of blood poisoning.

Now-a-days, lot of prophylaxis has been made available by the researchers. So, you have nothing to fear about this disease since doctors make sure that all the children have to be vaccinated before discharging hospital.

Research shows that 90% adult and children get contaminated following all these symptoms. In case of infant babies, chicken pox can appear more vulnerably as it has chances to bring about complications in terms of respiration. You see, an infant often keep mum and nothing can be comprehended save and except their weeping. You have to be watchdog so that the afflicted child won’t get much exposed.

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