How To Celebrate The Release Of A Twilight Party

The upcoming movie Eclipse is generating a lot more buzz and anticipation than either of the previous Twilight movies. Twilight fandom is now reaching maturity with fans find various ways to express their devotion to the Twilight franchise with facebook groups, websites, and even fan made items. If you don?t know anything about the level of devotion then you should know that at this moment there are scores of fans waiting outside the Kodak Theater in California camping out in order to be the first to be at the premiere of the third installment of the Twilight saga. However if you have a loved one that is a fan of the series you already know this. In most cases you are a parent or friend that talked them out of trying to go. Now you have to give them a reasonable alternative. That would be allowing them to put together their own private Eclipse premiere party.

Many fans around the world that can?t make it to the premiere will be doing just that. Now if you are a novice at throwing a Twilight themed event of any kind, where do you start? The first place will always be with Twilight party supplies and Twilight decorations. These are always the rage and can help you make you friend or relative feel like they are right there at the premiere. Here are some great suggestions that can get you started.

The most obvious Twilight decorations and party supplies will be the ones already being sold at your local store. You should be able to find the essentials such as plates, cups, cutlery, napkins, and even some streamers and balloons. Going here first will help you get the beginning of your Twilight party d?cor. However you should not stop here if you want to make the premiere party spectacular.

The official premiere will be on June 24 and the general release of the film to local theaters will be June 30. The first date is fast upon us and by the time you want to put something together on that night it will be already done and gone. However for June 30 and after you can organize the party around going to see the movie such as having events before and after. Use your imagination to make it work out.

A great idea is to make or buy decorations using inspiration from the books. One great example is making decorations based on famous quotes from the novels. One thing that I saw done was using lion and lamb decorations since there is a famous Twilight quote were Edward compares his relationship with Bella to a lion falling in love with a lamb. You can also make use of motifs for the book covers such as the tulip, ribbon, and apple. You can use these motifs for tablecloths, banners, streamers or centerpieces. These just give you more thematic ideas to play around with when decorating and organizing your Twilight premiere party.

After decorations come the other key parts of organizing your party. A great idea is to research Twilight themed party games, and other entertainments to while a way the time before and after going to see Eclipse in theaters. It is important to once again make sure that the party flows event wise. A good idea is to make sure that guests realize it is an event that will take up a good portion of the day. This will allow them to clear their schedule as necessary. The other thing to do is to limit the number of guests. It should be enough for a good party, but small enough to make shepherding people through different events easier.

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