How To Buy Original Artwork For Your Home

Do you give the walls in your home the same respect you gave your windows? If you have yet to adorn your home with art, you are neglecting its potential almost as much as if you had omitted windows from the design. There’s a good chance you have been wanting a piece of original art for years, but unable to afford it due to the exorbitant costs you’ve seen at local auctions. Don’t be discouraged by that, there are many exciting original works of art to be had at prices to fit almost any budget. For less than ten dollars, you can find a variety of original paintings to hang on your wall.

A unique painting is a must. When you buy a piece of art, you aren’t only buying the canvas and paint. Instead, you are buying a part of the artist’s life and his or her experience. Owning an original painting that you love is an extraordinary experience. The work and experience of that artist remains on that canvas.

If you’re going to get great art at terrific prices, you have to know where to shop and how to find the gems. However, before you find your perfect original piece of art, you’ll need to refine and focus your taste. Pay many visits to as many art museums and galleries as you can. This way, you can really gain a deep appreciation for quality art and more importantly, quality art that you like.

Begin exploring what you already like so that you can develop your eye. Art shouldn’t be purchased simply because of the value. Your art choices will continue to impact you on a daily basis. When you purchase the art, you should still like it.

The main suppliers of original art are galleries. Be sure to visit as many as you can so you can compare styles, prices, and genres. Never be afraid to talk to the staff and ask questions. Learn about the kind of art a dealer likes to sell. If you see something that you like, ask about the artist. In fact, if the artist is local, you may even be able to meet him. Be sure to check the condition of the painting, especially if the painting is older.

Since you are new to the game, you will want to safeguard yourself against untoward practices that may leave you with overpriced artwork or, even worse, stolen or fraudulent art. Of course, this sort of thing is less likely to occur if you are buying newer, less expensive paintings. But it is always a good idea to make sure that you are working with a reputable gallery and that the artwork you buy is authentic and not stolen. To ensure that you are working with a quality gallery, ask around. Your local art museums can perhaps steer you in the right direction.

Auction houses are another great source for original art. You will often not find as many contemporary works at auction. Still, you can often find some great bargains in older sculptures or paintings. If you are buying for investment purposes, though, be careful. The most common venue for fraudulent art are auction houses, especially the second and third tier ones. Granted, these auction houses will, in very small print, warn potential buyers that they are not responsible for ensuring that their artwork is genuine. They also aren’t very worried about this. New buyers need to keep in mind that a bargain-priced work by a famous artist is probably fake or damaged.

If you are a serious art collector or simply a lover of art, you should heed the same advice. Educate yourself on artwork by frequenting museums, galleries and shows on a regular basis. Get to know people in the art community and be sure to pick their brains, particularly if you are considering a significant investment. You have to save yourself from being cheated. And last but not least, always buy only the art that you truly appreciate.

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