Do you like going to PVP arenas and winning? You should know teamwork is always the key to winning and being a priest is one of the keys to winning the arena games. The priest is one of the classes that provide excellent support for others during any battle, however they do lack in attacking ability. Most people who play the priest will wind up healing the other members in your guild, instance or party. The Wow priest is made or broken through good or bad talent builds and depending on which priest you want to create, you’ll need to make the appropriate talent path choice.

The WoW priest talent build paths are discipline, holy and shadow. Each path has its own pluses and minuses and you need to choose the right one depending on if you want an offensive or defensive priest. Certain paths are better for healing your allies and others are better for just dealing pure damage.

Now you may be the type of person who likes to play the classic healer role, in which case holy will be your best bet. Then again, you may be a renegade and opt for an offensive priest, in which case shadow is more along your lines.

Are you interested in faster spell casting or even more powers that help power word spell? If so, the talent build of Discipline would be used to increase spell power of instant attacking spells and healing spells. The talent build is also good for quickening channeled spells.

The other path you can take your priest is down the holy tree. You’ll find this path helps buffs and defenses for the class as well as for others in your team. The last talent in the tree allows you to cut down 90% of the damage dealt to you.

The last talent build is the shadow path. Shadow delivers high DPS or a damage increase to all spells. You will find that the shadow form will provide some of the best critical strike increases and lead to you dishing out the most damage. The increase in spell damage can really help your friends out in times of need. The healing spells will be moderate and provide a less critical increase, however that’s fine. For a WoW priest you need to know what you like the most, healing or dealing damage, because they can do both.

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