How To Build Muscle Quick – Easy Tips To Explode Your Growth

It can be frustrating putting in hard work at the gym and not seeing the results you were expecting; especially after several weeks or months of work. Well use these tips to learn how to build muscle quick so you can finally be proud of your body.

A lot of guys think they’re eating plenty of food every day. The simple fact of the matter is if you’re not seeing muscle gains in the gym and you’re putting in the hard work, then you’re not eating enough. I’m at around 170 pounds right now and I need to eat about 4500-5000 calories every day to see muscle gains.

By changing the typical, 3 meals a day diet into a 6 meals a day diet, you keep your metabolism high so your body is constantly burning fat, but you also continuously feed your muscles with the nutrients they need to grow larger and stronger.

You may feel like you are getting a cardio work out as you push through your training, but you are not getting the best workout for your cardiovascular system. Cardeo must be a part of your routine in order to recover from your weight training exercises. Aerobics plays an important roll in building muscle. It sends oxygen and blood flow to your muscles speeding up your recovery from your muscle-building workout.

Focusing on working your biceps more often and longer than the rest of your body will bring bigger biceps, Wrong! I know you want bigger biceps but in order to achieve that you need to work all the muscles in your body, not just your biceps.

You should be lifting a weight that you can only lift 10 times so by your 4th set, you are using every last scrap of muscle fiber to get that weight up. This is how muscle is made; by forcing it to adapt to new and progressively higher stresses. You don’t need to kill your muscles, you just need to get them to grow.

Lifting for anything more than 10 reps only stimulates your slow twitch muscle fibers, which have about 0% growth potential. You want to stimulate your fast twitch muscle fibers to ensure growth.

It won’t see any need for improvement unless you give it a reason to do so. The other side of this final tip is how can you possibly know if you’re making progress if you aren’t tracking it? Always track everything to ensure you are making progress. The tips in this article will hopefully teach you how to build muscle

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